How will I leave my practice

Many physicians make two assumptions about leaving their practice: 
1. That they will be bought out
2. That they don't need to write-up a buy-sell agreement until retirement is just around the corner 

These assumptions may not be correct so you should plan ahead:

  • Know how much money you'll need over the span of your retirement. It is very easy to underestimate. Work with a financial professional to come up with a realistic figure.
  • Invest wisely. Avoid the temptation to invest in risky schemes that promise unrealistically high return rates or to invest in under diversified portfolios.
  • Save while you pay off your debt. It may seem like a burden now, but facing retirement debt-free makes the money you do save go much further.
  • Work out a buy-sell agreement with your partners early and update it often - at least every five years.